Corvus Investment Policy Statement



This IPS has been arrived at upon consideration by the Client of a wide range of policies, and describes the prudent investment process the Client deems appropriate. This process includes offering various asset classes and investment management styles that, in total, are expected to offer the opportunity to diversify the portfolio in a manner consistent with the specified risk and return requirements of the portfolio.

The Objectives of the Portfolio are:

Investment goals and objectives are long-term growth and preservation of capital.

Time Horizon

The investment guidelines are based upon an investment horizon of greater than five years. The portfolio strategy is based on a long-term perspective. Short-term liquidity requirements are anticipated to be no more than 5% of the portfolio balance. Short-term liquidity requirements are anticipated to be minimal.

Risk Tolerances

The Client(s) recognizes that some risk must be assumed in order to achieve their investment objectives. In establishing the risk tolerance of the IPS, the ability to withstand short and intermediate term variability were considered.

The Client's long term horizon, current financial condition and other factors suggest collectively some interim fluctuations in market value and rates of return may be tolerated in order to potentially achieve the longer-term objectives.

Performance Expectations

The client realizes market performance varies and the portfolio may lag or outperform the S&P 500 at any given time.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Investment Advisor Representative serves as the portfolio manager and may act with full discretion assuming investment responsibilities.

The advisor’s duties and responsibilities:

1. The preparation and maintenance of this investment policy statement.

2. Prudently selecting investment options and executing trades with full discretion.

3. Controlling and accounting for all investment expenses associated with the Portfolio.

4. Monitoring all investment holdings within the portfolio.

Custodian’s duties and responsibilities:

1. Safe keeping of the client’s assets.

2. Values the holdings.

2. Collecting all income and dividends owed to the client.

3. Settling all transactions (buy-sell orders).

4. Providing monthly reports that detail transactions, cash flows, securities held and their current value, and change in value of each security.


Monitoring - Performance Objectives

The Client(s) acknowledges fluctuating rates of return characterize the securities markets, particularly during short-term time periods.

Recognizing that short-term fluctuations may cause variations in performance, the Client(s) intends to evaluate investment performance from a long-term perspective.



The philosophy of the Corvus Capital Private Client Portfolio can be summed up with a simple phrase, “Sequere Pecuniam” (Follow The Money).

Through using market indicators and charting methods, which include moving averages, Keltner channels, and (MACD) the portfolio manager is able to monitor the money flow within the markets and focus on risk mitigation. The goal of the portfolio is to quantify buy in risk, downside risk, and sector risk in order seek growth. The portfolio allows exposure to all asset class categories. There is no minimum percentage allocation to any asset class exposure. The portfolio manager recognizes that all asset classes can be risky, so focus is put on the amount of buying or selling happening in the asset category. The investment objective is growth with an emphasis on protection.